3 Benefits of Using Hand Sanitisers for Business Marketing

With cough, colds, and other respiratory problems becoming stronger in recent months, the importance of proper hand hygiene and the use of hand sanitisers cannot be stressed enough. Not only is it for maintaining cleanliness, but it also serves as an effective means to prevent the spread of most illnesses.

In this time of crisis, it’s a smart move to promote your business in a remarkable and helpful way: by focusing on the health and wellness of your customers. One way to do this is by giving away hand hygiene products that people can use regularly in their daily activities.

Here are some of the great benefits of incorporating customised hand sanitisers into your marketing and promotions.

1. It’s Helpful in Creating Awareness

Many people carry these items with them every day to regularly keep their hands clean whenever they’re out and about. Considering this, if these carry your organisation’s logo or branding, it can act as mini print ads that can be seen by other people in different places every time it’s brought out to be used.

Moreover, hand sanitisers are also typically shared with others and passed along in a group. The recipient’s friends, colleagues, and family members will notice your name on these products and will eventually remember you after continued use.

2. It Helps Improve Your Reputation

Having your business’ name on hand hygiene products also enhances the public’s perception of you. As recipients use the personalised hand sanitisers you have given away, they are most likely to remember you and how you care about their health and safety—which is always a positive thing to achieve as a brand.

3. It Takes Many Forms and Can Be Further Customised

Hand sanitisers can come in the form of sprays, gels, or wipes. You can choose from any of these three different forms and customise them further to achieve a product that serves your intended purpose while serving your promotional activities well.

Sanitisers that come in spray bottles are perfect for personal use. It is made of a gentle alcohol base to cleanse hands without drying the skin. The thin cylindrical bottle can fit easily into a purse or pocket, allowing recipients to carry them around whenever and wherever.

Hand sanitiser gel, on the other hand, can come in big dispensers or pump bottles that a whole office can share. These can also be stored in small pump bottles which can be inserted into a pocket or bag for easy transport.

Lastly, wipes are another practical option that your target audience can surely use to wipe dirt and other stains and germs off of their hands, leaving it feeling clean and smelling fresh.

All of these three options can bear your logo design in full colour so that your business gets the attention every time the sanitiser is used.

Using Fast-acting and Effective Sanitation Products Boost Your Credibility

While using helpful products and items in your promotional activities are innately helpful, it’s a smart move to go the extra mile and give away high-quality hand sanitisers. This is where lydamin sanitisation products are especially helpful. It is a specially formulated antiseptic hand sanitiser gel with 70% alcohol that kills 99.9% of germs while keeping the skin conditioned and hydrated.


Practising good hand hygiene has become crucial, especially in this time of increased sensitivity to illnesses and respiratory diseases that can be spread by touch. This is the perfect time for you to advocate good hand hygiene by giving away helpful products such as hand sanitisers that your customers can use to keep themselves and their families safe.

Here at Nevia Homehub, we are committed to helping Australian companies and businesses promote a safer and hygienic life in their organisations through our customised hand sanitisers. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can incorporate our effective and gentle products into your promotional activities.