Sanitise Against The Coronavirus - 3 Things You Must Know About Hand Sanitisers

The coronavirus pandemic continues to shake the world up, with households trying to ensure their survival in the midst of uncertainty. Part of the survival plan has always been to stock up on household products, rendering shelves empty at numerous grocery stores. Bread and toiletries continue to be everyone’s priority, including a virus-saving bottle of gel and alcohol: the hand sanitiser.


The disinfectant has been skyrocketing in sales all over the world, especially when COVID-19 began crossing borders. Disinfecting, wearing masks, and keeping your immune system remain to be the only ways to ward off the fatal coronavirus, and as long as the virus co-exists alongside the world, sanitizers will continue to be hoarded by many.


Seeing as you’ll have a bottle or two in your bag for the many months to come, it’s only logical to want to learn more about the bottled gel task to keep your body safe and sound. Without much ado, here are interesting facts about hand sanitisers you might now know—at these trying times, a little more knowledge goes a long way:


#1: Quality hand sanitisers need good ingredients and the right dosage


A hand sanitiser comprises alcohol, which must always be at 60%. Anything less will render it ineffective, allowing germs and other bacteria to thrive on your skin. Your preferred brand also matters, so it’s best to always choose a credible and reputable manufacturer.


You’ll also need to pay attention to your usage, as most sanitizers only require you to use a dollop—quite enough to fully cover your hands. Contrary to popular belief, more doses of sanitiser do not mean cleaner hands. If anything, too much of it will dry out your skin, leaving it cracked and painful.


#2: Hand sanitisers have been designed to protect against the common flu


Given its nature, hand sanitisers can indeed kill a huge amount of the flu virus on your hand, including other diseases that may be lingering on your fingertips.  Although this fact is undeniable, keep in mind that most viruses are flu airborne—while keeping your hands clean is essential, it cannot provide you with 100% protection.


As you go through this period of pandemic panic, keep in mind that keeping your health and well-being intact is the only way to keep diseases truly at bay. Germs, bacteria, and viruses are everywhere—your protective barriers must be stacked like layers, so wear masks, keep sanitising, and above all, stay healthy.


#3: Sanitisers work, but keep soap and water your number one priority


Disinfecting and cleaning are two different things, and one must not interchange the two concepts. Cleaning involves the use of soap and other cleaning materials, tasked to get rid of debris and dirt. Disinfecting, on the other hand, pertains to the process of removing viruses and germs still lingering.


With that being said, if your hands become visibility dirty, the only logical thing to do is wash them with soap and water. Keep in mind that hand sanitisers do nothing for dirt and debris, as their main strength is to get rid of the unseen. To protect yourself from the coronavirus, disinfect and clean.


Purchasing A Hand Sanitiser In Australia


We are living in unprecedented times—while stocks of bread and toiletries remain as elusive as ever, keeping yourself protected from the coronavirus should be the utmost priority. Continue wearing your masks and practice social distancing, all the while keeping your body as healthy as possible. Above all, keep a handy hand sanitiser on your person at all times—until then, keep safe!


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