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Become an approved wholesaler or retailer, for the quality range of lydamin® antiseptic sanitisation range of products.

Reputable wholesalers and retailers can apply to become approved Nevia Homehub Pty Ltd on sellers of the lydamin® range of antiseptic products. lydamin® is a registered trademark of Nevia Homehub Pty Ltd, and is focused on the development and manufacturing of high-quality hygiene antiseptic products.

Nevia Homehub Pty Ltd is committed to developing quality products that will assist Australians to live a safer, healthier and hygienic life.

Become an approved wholesaler or retailer of lydamin® antiseptic sanitisation products and receive exclusive wholesale pricing.

Delivery is available across sites and Australia wide. MSDS available.

If you are interested in becoming an approved Nevia Homehub distributer or retailer of our range of lydamin® antiseptic products, please contact Nevia Homehub on info@neviahomehub.com or call 02 9098 9175.